"Valley of River Shannon"
Harrison Award, The Art League,  Torpedo Factory, VA
code AAA  (Last two of 15)
Skinny -- for a decor unlike others....
caribbean boatmen
"Old Italy
Code b
Walk on a
Quiet Cay
code b
These “Skinnies” offer a fresh change from the common near-square
shape of most wall art.

Consider your options. For example, vertical Skinnies are perfect on
narrow wall spaces such as near a door, and a horizontal pair is
dramatic stacked over a sofa or mantle. (each is 8x20" matted)

You’ll not see Skinnies often at others’ homes or offices as such
narrow images  of the real world (approx 3x15 ratio) are rare. For
example, in examining more than 2000  of my quality images, I found
extremely few that could quality as a “skinny” in shape while keeping
a strong  visual impact. And they are fun. . –Trainor.
click on art to enlarge.
Images are  in low
resolution, not as seen
in person
Chama River Valley (O'Keefe's Love)
code b
Blue-eyed Blond
A Juror's Selection Code a
The Race code c
code aa
my modest yacht. code c
Red & Grey
code c
Ahhhh, code a
Code b
Ahhhhh duet, code a
code b
A Swallow
actually sitting?
code c
Olden Time
Barn & Wall
code b
Styx and Zones, code a