Edifice Complex
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Images are copyrighted,
marked, and shown here in  low
Blue wood #1
16x20" only
code c
Long Gone Away,
a  juror's selection
code c
Votive Candles, Italy
Juror's Selection,  code a
The Gated Vase
code b
High Flowers & Bricks
a juror's selection, code a
The Visitor
code a
Shape and Texture
a Juror's award, code a
Quiet Under the Volcano
a Juror's Selection, code a
county line barn, code b
hanging in there. code b
Last Leaf of Fall, code b
code c
rough times, rough wood
code b
Urban Flags -
a juror's award
code a
Horse Ring on old Barn
code b
Ancient Hinge on County Barn
code b
Back Street Caribbean
code c
Angles of Italy
code b
a looking place
code b
All images are limited edition, archival
ink with gallery-quality papers.
appropriate for 18x24" mat/frames
unless noted.
"Roman Temple in Archeological Dig"

Triptych, code AAA
Center (18x24) code a
Edges (8x18) code c each