Make your job easier:
Use this wealth of experience in all
aspects of editorial presentation, and
political, institutional, internal and
external communications.
Free-Lance Article and Op-ed Writing

■Campaign  Guidance
(with compatible moderate philosophies)
■ Media Relations

■ Strategic Communications Planning
      This Extensive Experience Will Work for YOU

■  Award-winning
Metro NY Journalist. Political,
environmental and investigative reporter.

■  Communications Director for:

▸ Five successful $million  political campaigns
in a very
tough market.

▸  A Ranking Member of Congress -- developed solid
relationships with major papers and network correspondents.

▸  An International Organization - designed outreach and
supervised development of print and web materials.  

■  Op-ed Ghost Writer placed pieces in The Washington
Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Trib....

■  Designer of Communication Planning and Systems
Deal with a Professonal
Hank  Roden
Communication Arts
Professional Services
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