Nature in Motion*
"She braves an uncertain future."
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The Blue Forest
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These abstracts largely arise from a method of "shooting",  
rather than electronic manipulation
"Sea-washed" Triptych, code AAA
center only code A
a juror's selection
Blue-eyed blond
juror's selection
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thinking of yesterday
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code a

code b
swirling kilts

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my tulip garden
price code b
Lipstick Hussy
price code a
"A Summer Walk" A juror's selection
Triptych code AAA, center code a
wings code c each.
A Rising Tide
code a
"Red Tide"
Sold Out
price code a
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Deep Space Search  16x20"
code c
blue risers
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*Why in Motion?
Most photography emphasizes the static using
tripods, high speed shutters, and fast lenses to
produce frozen-sharp images.  Yet when viewing
nature or art, we often are in motion ourselves:
walking, swaying.  When stopping to peer more
closely at a work, heads still move. Tilt. Eyes
sweep. Seldom is there “locked in a tripod”
stillness.  And of course from photons to planets
our entire world is in constant motion.

I allow my natural subjects to be moved by nature
or by shifting light, my camera, myself.  Permitting
motion exposes the energy awaiting,  allowing  
more vivid Emotion.  I hope you enjoy.  –Trainor
1 sec past singularity
code b
at the Pale
code a
escape with me
Mad Dash to Freedom
a skinny peacock?